50+ Shows in Two Months

December 6, 2010

I have big plans.  Health.  Inspiring hope. Island hopping, jet setting and world peacing. Stuff. However, living in a Dodge Caravan and on kindly strangers’ floors can be a bit taxing.

I’m not whining because we love it in some sick way.

However, if one is to have a blog, it should have interesting items aside from requests to purchase cd’s.

I am here to tell you it is coming for those of you who want it.  We have played 50+ shows in the last 2 months in AZ, California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, New Mexico and Colorado.

We have met wonderful people and had the experiences that are the life’s breath that a mal-content, misfit such as I needs.

Such as to say; photos, stories and videos from the tours are coming soon.

If you’re unhappy and you know it……………………….take a shower.