Brandon Decker Named Arizona Songwriter of the Year by Yab Yum Music

Very pleased to announce, Brandon Decker, aka decker., was named AZ Songwriter of the Year by Phoenix Music Blog Yab Yum Music & Arts (

Sayeth the kind folks:

Brandon Decker was a local music revelation for me in 2011. While he’s been recording tunes for years, the Sedona-based balladeer didn’t hit my radar until six months ago. Recording as decker., he writes the kind of bluesy acoustic tunes that bear the comforting feeling of songs you’ve known forever. This songwriter has said that “Every song is a prayer,” and his songs hold the beauty of some divinity in every note. broken belts, broken bones, his newest EP, is out now on Mescal Porch Records.

Here’s a link to their awards issue.  Thanks Yab Yum!

Decker will be launching on several tours with the band later this month to Colorado, Los Angeles, Central Coast CA and the Bay, as well as a SXSW tour with favorites Dry River Yacht Club in March.