decker. Doing Final on Mix Long as the Night

I go in studio Wednesday – Saturday to (hopefully) put the final touches on mixing the new album, Long as the Night.  If no disasters work their way in, it will be released Oct. 15 of this year.

All said, it has taken about three months, from the seeds of recording the album at home, then again with David Mills’ parts, a pre-mix with Val to prep for the studio, then tracking and mixing between Uncle Marc’s and, ultimately, Goodrow Studios with Eddy Barratini.

I am most grateful for the fine musicians and other contributors on the album.  The last month has broken my sanity-saving creek visits and this has been a far more stressful endeavor than Long Days was.  But, as with the release of Long Days I am also trying to get ready for shows, and booking tours, etc……

But it will be a vast improvement.  The album is 8 songs and I am quite proud of each of them as well as the album as a whole.

And I am ready for it to be finished.

I look forward to sharing it with all who will listen.

And I look forward to settling my brain down for a bit.