decker. Releases Video for “A Warm Place”

In the winter of late 2010, then 20 year old Los Angeles filmmaker and photographer, Jancarlo Beck, assembled a crew to make a video for the song “A Warm Place” from the album, “Long as the Night” by Sedona, AZ indie-folk band Decker.

…Completely indie and DIY and on a shoe string budget, while depending on the voluntary work of his crew, the cinematically-striking video was completed in late-spring 2011 and is now ready for release.

A baker’s dozen of young, talented artists conspired to create a professional quality music video in an effort to share their art, ingenuity and talents with the world.

Here is the description from Jancarlo on why he made the video:

“Brandon Decker and I first met after I completed film school. Turned off by the film industry I decided I was going back to my first love of making music. I started playing at open mics at the gypsy lounge and quickly met Brandon (who had just released long days) a sexy bartender who would at times come out from behind the counter and grace us with his soulful and emotional voice :). Brandon’s music always stood out for me. Music has always been a way of wearing my heart on my sleeve and Brandon’s songs are definitely all about that. He really pours himself into a song the way I pour myself into almost everything I do. Fast forward one year Brandon is now going to be releasing his second album and I had recently moved back to Sedona, after spending months in my hometown of LA. It was nearly a year since my father had taken his own life and my life was barely getting back to where I had left it one year prior. Putting all the pieces of my life together, I was finally able to reflect a little and wouldn’t you know it Long as the Night was channeling through my earphones not to mention my roommates stereo. A Warm Place immediately struck a chord with me ( haha pun totally intended). I connected with that song and it became like a lullaby to me. It held and caressed me as I dealt with some of my insecurities. Brand new has a song that states “nothing gets so bad a whisper from your father couldn’t fix it” I no longer had that so it was time to figure shit out on my own and “its a cold world” fit the bill. I locked my self in my room and listened to that song some 240 times while chiseling out the script to the video you will be seeing before you. I came up with an amazing cast and crew who I sincerely care about to this day. In a period of two months and the video was filmed in December. It was an amazing experience which words cannot describe. When we had the final shot in the bag I was seriously emotional and wanted to hug and kiss everyone insight. (I’m still down for hugs and kisses if anyone wants to meet up!) Post production began and when you have a budget of freee 99 its quite hard to get shit done. It took five months to get this thing in the bag and here we stand. I hope that you have enjoyed this story as its been quite the journey. Friday May 13th the video will be introduced to the world so please everyone give it a “warm” welcome. ♥”

A special thanks to everyone involved:

Decker-Self Explanatory Alena Follestad Jutilla-Cast Christa Brunori-Cast Mattea Phillips-Cast Mathew Dupont-editor John Culleeny-DP Bianca Luedecker-Art Director Patrick Phelps-Set Dresser Chelsea Yarbrough-Makeup Artist Kayla Parks-Production Designer David Vincent Mills-Transportation Taylor Krassa-On set Photographer

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Please check out the video Friday May 13 at 12 pm PST.

Hope you enjoy. And spread the word.

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